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Neat Burger’s vegan fast food chain expand to US

New York City will be the first destination for vegan fast food chain Neat Burger. This brand’s first restaurant will be available in the fall and will expand¬†rapidly.

Neat Burger is a vegan fast food chain brand from the UK that is supported by world racing champion Lewis Hamilton. Neat Burger was founded in 2019 and quickly became a popular choice for customers.

Neat Burger was founded in 2019 and quickly became a popular choice for customers. The main menu of Neat Burger includes cheese beef burgers, chicken burgers, hot dog, toast, ice cream, and milk. All are 100% plant-based.

Neat Burger’s first restaurant will be in Manhattan, New York City. It will be in the city’s center. The grand opening will also be accompanied by a lot of advertising for new vegan burger ideas. Next, we’ll start working on a retail brand that will spread across the whole state.

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Vincent Herbert, the former CEO of Le Pain Quoprisen, is spearheading this expansion as CEO of Neat Burger USA. Additionally, Jeffrey S. Fried (former President of Sweetgreen) and Henrik Fjordbak (former Chief Operating Officer of Joe & The Juice) have joined the brand’s advisory board to help the brand achieve its sales goals and expand its business.

“We are on a mission to fundamentally change the way the world consumes protein and are delighted to announce these new appointments,” said Zack Bishti, co- founder and CEO of Neat Burger.

Jeff and Henrik have established industry-leading brands, and Vincent has many experiments with global reach. Together, this group will change consumers’ behavior and become the driving force behind vegan food.

At the start of 2019, Neat Burger started with a restaurant in central London. Then, two more opened in Camden and Soho.

In the last year, SoftBank led an additional $7 million funding round for this brand, which announced plans to expand to include 20 restaurants in the domestic market and to take it global, starting with the United States.

NEAT aims to open 1,000 restaurants, both owned and franchised, by the year 2030. Many new plant-based meat substitutes will be developed by this brand, which will also enter the retail market.

Neat’s scaling is completely understandable. If you look at a recent artificial intelligence-based market research report by Tastewise, the market value of this type of food could be worth $74 billion by 2027.

In order to expand in the US, Neat Burger will have to confront a series of other big brands here.

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Vegetarian chain PLNT Burger, owned by celebrity chef Spike Mendelsohn, opened its first location in New York’s Union Square neighborhood earlier this year and expanded to Boston this week.

Also, the vegan fast food chain Odd Burger wants to open a location in the New York Times. They want to open 50 stores in North America by 2029.

On the West Coast, San Diego’s Plant Power Fast Food is expanding to the coast with new locations in Los Angeles, Fountain Valley, and Sacramento, along with its first out-of-state location in Las Vegas, NV.

Oregon’s organic vegan fast food pioneer, Next Level Burger, is also in the process of expanding to multiple states, with plans to open in Denver, CO this summer.

And the traditional fast-food giants aren’t standing still either, as McDonald’s partnered with Beyond Meat to develop plant-based options globally through the McPlant platform; Burger King tested meatless pop-ups in Europe; and KFC launched vegan chicken in many countries.

2021 marks a year of dramatic and unlikely innovations in the plant-based world. From 3D-printed vegan meat to new way to make cell-based meat, the alternative protein market is growing.

Most surprising of all, fast-food giants have made a major shift toward plant-based menus and sustainability initiatives. By 2021, the fast food industry expects that meatless options will be the norm, saving more than 635,000 animals.

The World Organization for the Protection of Animals (WAP) has just released a report claiming that 630,000 animals have been saved from the food system in the United States.

The report says that the animals being saved can be directly linked to the rise in vegan fast food options and the growing popularity of plant-based meat.

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