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What is the biggest reason that you can’t lose weight?

I used to be very determined on losing weight, became slimmer many years ago but all failed miserably. After many years of living with excess fat and when I almost gave up, one day I discovered that I had fallen into a serious trap that made me forever unable to lose weight as I wanted. Please read and check if you make the same mistake as me!

“I’m not fat enough yet.” 

I have a young sister. While it is always possible to satisfy her fashion preferences, I have a lot of trouble choosing the right clothes for my body. Whenever she has an occasion, she will always say this: “hey, you’re so fat, you should lose weight.” But I just only say Uh and skip this.

Not only my sister but also my mother, some of my friends used to say the same thing. But sometimes when I look in the mirror, I still think that I’m not fat as they say. When I look at the adverts for weight loss pills, all I see is the models are even fatter than I am. If they are so fat, they have to lose weight. I’m just a little chubby, not too fat.

I even think that I just need to work out a little bit, and I will get fit again. As a result, I delayed working out and after only 2 years I gained 15 kg because of this mindset. The first my weight was 43 kg. Then it was increased to 45 kg in 6 months. My weight was 49kg in the next 3 months later. At this time, I also feel that I should lose weight but I still delay with many self-made reasons.

The nightmare has finally come, my weight is up to 60kg. My body became heavier, and the number of clothes I wore became less and less. One day when walking just a short distance was out of breath, I realized that it was time for me to lose weight.

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What is the message that I want to share with you through this story:

That is to be wary of your thoughts. They are not quite as reliable as you think. At least in terms of your weight.

If your body is used to comfort, it is very difficult to put it into rules. This is forcing you to give up delicious food and hard exercise. Therefore, your brain will try to come up with a lot of reasons for you to delay, and the most convincing reason is that you are still not fat enough, don’t worry. As a result, you end up being too fat.

What should I do in this situation?

You can fight this deception you can create more motivation to push yourself in the following ways:

  • Take a clear full-body photo and then review old photos when you were fit. This way will help you immediately wake up and completely erase the thought that you are not fat enough yet. You will be shocked and disappointed, but it will be a powerful medicine to help you lose weight quickly.
  • Host a clothing show at home by trying on all the clothes you like. You’ll find that many of them don’t fit anymore. It shows that you are already very fat, not fat enough as you think.
  • Ask your colleagues if you are fat because you ask family members or lovers, relatives. They will give you the most objective opinion, and you can completely believe that they do not love you but it reduces the truth.

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Once you’ve convinced yourself that you’re too fat and need to lose weight immediately, you’ve won almost 50% of your fitness journey.

Now we will go through a second important part that determines whether you can lose weight as desired. One of the common mistakes that many weight loss people make is working out right away without a map or a clear road map for their weight loss.

This will cause problems:

  1. You don’t understand certain weight loss solutions, applying the wrong way which leads to not being effective.
  2. Practice for a short time, then quit because there is no clear goal to maintain motivation.
  3. Waste your time.

You need to choose for yourself a suitable weight loss solution and then make yourself a weight loss plan with clear goals to be able to start effectively and maintain a regular exercise frequency.

There are many losing weight solutions such as weight loss by running, gym, kickboxing, dancing, weight-loss by eating clean, detox method, weight loss by jumping rope,…You can start by following these steps:

  • Step 1: You should research general knowledge about some weight-loss methods, then consider factors: Time, health, money, your goals in choosing the exercise solution.
  • Step 2: If possible, you can go to the gym to be guided for a while if you have enough budget and intend to practice long-term to improve health in addition to weight loss. You don’t practice at home by yourself because the wrong movements can affect your health. On the other hand, going to the gym will help you have a stronger motivation to practice. Once you get used to it, you can practice at home but at least after 60 days.
  • Step 3: Give up unhealthy foods, build healthy meals.

My losing weight journey: Failure and success

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In the beginning, I was very enthusiastic to lose weight by not eating in the afternoon. After only seven days, I realized this wasn’t good because, in the evening, I was hungry and found sweets to eat. Everything was still the same. Regardless of whether I didn’t skip breakfast or lunch, the results were the same.

The next I started to lose weight by jogging. It did not still support me lose weight as I wanted. The weight is still the same makes me frustrated and want to give up.

Fortunately, I met a friend who did the same exercise and shared many valuable experiences.

He pointed out the mistake I made was that exercise only helps me burn calories but I would never be able to lose weight without reducing my calorie intake. I should combine eat clean, apply more detox to lose weight with exercise to get the best results.

I have planned and eliminated all products that should not be eaten when losing weight such as carbonated soft drinks, fast food,… then, I research and cook delicious, low-calorie meals.

After six months, I lost 4-kilograms from 60 to 56 kilograms. Then, from 56kg, I actively practiced calorie-rich exercises at home, weighing 53 kg. The body is heavier Show at my weight was about 50 kilograms. In general, it has stabilized and shows no signs of increasing again.

The trick is that you shouldn’t weigh yourself every day. Please do this once a week. The important thing is that the longer impatient you are, the more likely you feel depressed. Instead, you focus well on optimizing the menu every day, gradually maintaining the exercises every day, and increasing the time to longer.

You should deeply understand that in addition to losing weight to support you have a beautiful body, losing weight will help you have good health and less disease. You will be healthy enough to do everything you want, above all enjoy a happy life.

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How to maintain exercise every day?

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Choosing a subject that you are interested in. Then practicing every day will make you expect more than commitment.

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